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Thoughts from a Manic Pixie Dream Girl

After I was done saving you... after you decided you didn’t need me anymore... I looked in the mirror to see I was beautiful.

I had forgotten about the beauty in me and the beauty in the world, until I wanted to show it to you.

My eyes had turned blue. I wanted to write again. I wanted to share it with the world.

I thought of you and your complaint about the instapoets never using proper nouns and briefly thought of giving you a name. But the I in this story is more than enough.

It isn’t Orlando Bloom that keeps us coming back to Elizabethtown. Quirky Kirsten Dunst isn’t the afterthought. She is the soul and the sun. She is everything. I is all there is.

The you isn’t there to be the lead, to find the beauty.

The story is in her light.

His name doesn’t matter.

It is her red hat that we will all remember.

Your name on the tip of my tongue can stay just there. You thought I was fleeting. A moment of sun in your darkness.

You can turn away.

I didn’t shine for you.

You just helped me remember that I could.

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